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What is the difference between a gardener and a landscaper? Majority of the people don't know?
Its very simple a gardener is equipped for gardening whereas a landscaper is equipped for building. After a landscaper has constructed an outdoor area, a gardener will come in and maintain it. A gardener might mow lawns, prune plants, do your weeding or fertilize your soil. Now having both types of services can be done by 1 company, like us.

So the questions is which one do you need?

Don't get caught up in thinking is it worth it? Of course it is!!

You need to keep in mind If you wish to improve your yard and keep it looking healthy and vibrant, contact a professional landscaper or gardener. Even if you prefer to take care of your own garden as a general rule, consider hiring a landscaping service to upgrade the yard just tired of that same old look- a few changes can make all the difference in that curb appeal.

Which one do you need: Gardener or Landscaper?

We are both! We specialize in constructing beautiful scenery landscapes while keeping them looking beautiful year round.

Discover how we can design and build the perfect Garden in Oxford, PA.

Our free consultation can help you start the process of your landscaping project, look no further than Scenery Lawns. 

We've got years of experience delivering all kinds of landscaping work, including ground works and hard landscaping, to the highest standard of workmanship.

Whether you know what you want already, or you want to work with us plan your dream garden, give us a call today on 1-610-350-1764.

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